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Live your dream; ooo that first step...

During my nearly a decade in recruitment and coaching, I met a lot of people with many dreams for their lives, and most of them disappointed that they weren't coming true. A common denominator was that there was a lot of dreaming going on, but not so much doing.

As an entrepreneur, I took my dream of becoming the CEO of my own life and career and made it a reality in 2010. So it is safe to say I know quite a bit about what's holding them back.

I know about the insecurities, the fears, not knowing if I had what it takes. Wondering if I was going to fail and fall flat on my face in front of EVERYONE I knew. Ugh, the feeling of failing, not being good enough, embarrassed for thinking I could actually pull it off! Who did I think I was anyway? I was a college drop-out who had spent over half my life (then) not thinking I had any ambition other than getting married and having kids. (Not that that isn’t ambition or hard work!!) Once they were checked off the bucket list ;) I discovered I wanted more, (not kids, three will do!) and I was ready.

Go on, dip your toe ;-)

One slight problem though, I wasn’t a risk taker, I liked security, having a steady pay-check and 5 weeks paid annual vacation (This is Norway..) to enjoy the Spanish heatwaves. (…and yes, I know we are fortunate!) So I “dipped my toe into the water" by starting a side hustle as a home party consultant selling scented candles. And I didn't really like scented candles...

To my surprise I did really well and after a year I had climbed the ladder two steps at a time, built my own extremely loyal and inspired team and was traveling the world as a reward for my achievements. I was mind blown. Had I done this? And what the heck had I actually done to get those results? After a lot of soul searching and researching among my team members and clients it was still mind-blowing but I was also full of new confidence by the fact that I had indeed done it! With a little (a lot) help from my team and leader, but still…it was me!

I was like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ; I had the power all along, I just couldn’t see it!

The thing is, once you start adding some DOING to the dreaming the Yellow Brick Road will appear. And suddenly you find yourself on the journey to the life of your dreams. There will be bumps in the road, there will be dead ends and detours, but as long as you keep getting up and going you will get there.

Me; I'm still on the road, loving the journey! ;-)

Keep dreaming and doing,

Siv Priscilla

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