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Curiosity might've killed the cat, but it got 9 exciting lives to show for it!

At a young age I quickly learned that being curious was widely perceived as a negative quality or personal trait. I was naturally inquisitive and a highly alert child and often told; "stop being so nosy" and "why do you always have to be so nosy, mind your own business". This reaction confused me as my intentions weren't to pry or meddle, but simply to get answers to questions that emerged while unconsciously observing my surroundings. I had an urge for understanding why things were as they were.

When I was around 9 years old I could sit on the steps outside our house asking passers-by where they were going, or question the color of a man's tie if it to me was an unusual choice, and to my mother's dismay I would always greet our guests at the door with the question; "When are you leaving?". I wasn't hoping it would be a short visit, quite the contrary, actually. I wanted to know how much time I had to enjoy their visit and plan the activities accordingly, making sure we could make the most of our time together before they left.

This "nosiness" fueled my love for reading at an early age. I would get a book for Christmas or my birthday and I would consume it like a hungry child. This turned into a love of learning that has brought me much joy and knowledge over the years. I can spend hours in book stores plowing through the shelves, or visit the library just to smell the scent of books ;)

My senior year in High School I did a written rapport on Agatha Christie's character Miss Marple. Miss Marple was an old lady in the fictional village of St. Mary's Mead. She was perceived as the towns "busybody". But whenever there was a murder in the town, she, through observing the human behaviors and asking questions, would be the one to solve them, not the police. She dismissed the label of being nosy and stated as a matter of fact that she just had a healthy interest in human nature. This was a game changer for me. I had just read my own motives formulated so eloquently by one of the worlds greatest authors. I never could resonate with being nosy, but interested in the nature of human beings, yes I could ;)

My, now, highly appreciated curiosity has been one of my greatest success factors throughout my professional career from the role as a young waiter to customer service rep, sales manager, recruiter, coach and entrepreneur.

When you come from a place of genuine interest and wanting the best for those around you, curiosity can be the key to unlock many chains holding people and companies back, and thereby inspiring and releasing them into a new level of growth.

Therefore I encourage both children and adults to fully embrace and engage their curiosity in the nature of their surroundings, things, science, other people and themselves to grow into their true potential.


Siv Priscilla

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